Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Valley Crossing Exercise

Valley Crossing is an best example of teamwork.  Teamwork is the ability to work together towards the set targets. The below figure shows the image of Valley Crossing Exercise


As it can be seen, 3 people are crossing the valley with the help of the pole. But it can be seen that, at each instant, one team member is in trouble while crossing. Now, what do we learn from it and how is it relevant to management?..

1. Communication :- In an organization, the communication in a right manner is very much necessary. As it can be seen in the above picture, one mistake while communicating between team member, the entire team would be in trouble..


2. Coordination :- If one team member doesn't coordinate properly, the entire team is at stake. Hence, In any organization, Coordination between the team members in a team to achieve the targets is required.

3. Performance in the roles :- Every team member needs to perform the roles assigned to them properly. If one doesn't perform his roles properly, the entire work process will be in imbalance.

4. Strategy :- The strategy used to achieve the goal needs to decided and each team member should be convinced about the way ahead. In the above exercise, if one team member, doesn't follow the strategy decided, the entire team is at stake.

5. Motivation :- Motivation to achieve the goal is very much necessary. The team members should be motivated and they should love the work they are doing. If team members are motivated, each one would love and perform their responsibilities in a good way.

6. Support :- Whenever a team member is facing problems, it is the responsibility of other team members to help him/her. Completing each other is the need when we are working in a team.

A team is not "Competing with each other". It is "Completing each other" and "Working towards a common vision".

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