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Principles of Management
Lecture 01 (Date of Lecture 01:- 20th June 2012)

Introduction :-
      The blog mainly is being written to know what were the experiences from Class Room Sessions and the learning from the Subject "Principles of Organisation". This blog would cover the things dealt in 1st lecture and the learning which I got from it.

Class Room Activity :-
        The day started with two main learnings from Dr.Mandi. They are :-
1. Learn the art of selling by experiencing it practically. This is an unique way innovated by Dr.T Prasad  to teach the art of selling and this is called "Mandi" in NITIE Mumbai. The main slogan behind Mandi is as follows :- "Socho Becho!!, Becho Seeko !!, Seeko Socho !!"

2. It is always good if you earn your living of each day yourselves in that day. This is done by an another unique innovative method by Dr.Prasad and this is known as "Hamara Dhanda", where each person is needed to open an firm/company and work on it for 2 years and apply his learning to the firm opened. The main slogan behind Hamara Dhanda is "Aaj Ki Roti.. Aaj hee kamyaenghae !!"

Then, there was a class activity on "Goal Setting and Management of Performance". The group activity was "Mera Tower Sabse Vooncha". In this group activity, there would be three people where, One person would be arranging cubes one above the another. The second person gives instructions to the person arranging cubes one above the other. Now, why does a person who is arranging needs help from second person?.. The first person eyes would be closed and cloth would be tied around his eyes, so that he doesn't see the world around him. And one more condition is that, the person who is arranging the cubes will be using his left hand to position the cubes one above the other. The third person will be observing the entire activity and would be allowed to speak only at certain number of times.

Learning from the above activity :-

        Initially, the Goal was set and it was 17 cubes. Now, Why Goal Setting is Important?. It is necessary because, when we know our goal we work towards achieving it. The Goal Setting can be done by SMART analysis where SMART stands for :-
S - Specific. It is necessary to precisely mention about the goals.
M - Measurable. We need to measure our improvements at regular intervals and check whether we have reached the required mark.
A- Achievable. The Goal set should be achievable in the specified time frame.
R- Realistic. The Goal set should be realistic enough to achieve and should be within our reach.
T- Time Bound. Specific time frame is needed to be set to achieve the goal.

     Now, My learning can be compared to the business context in the following way :-
The first person who was arranging the cubes can be termed as "Low-Level Employee" of an organisation where he is doing the work as his boss is saying. The second person who is giving directions can be termed as a manager in "Middle Level Management". The manager knows the overall context of the project and he is giving directions accordingly to reach the Target Goal Set. The third person who has only limited options of speaking can be termed as "Top Level Management", who has invested his money and is expecting his team to reach the goal.  The other set of learning which I learnt were as follows :-

1. Management is all about performance and you need to perform to reach the goal. If you are not able to perform properly, it means that you have not managed properly.

2. Management is all about communication. In the above context, it is necessary to communicate properly to the person who is arranging the cubes. If he is not communicated properly, the entire set of cubes falls and hence the project fails. So, Performance and Communication are inter-related to Management.

3. On the other hand, once you reach the goal set, it is necessary to look back once you reached the goal and interospect and learn from the mistakes.

4. Optimal Utilization of available time is necessary. It is very much required to plan on how to use the available time frame effectively.

Thanks and Regards,
Manjunath V
PGDIM-19 Section 'B'  Roll Number-082
NITIE Mumbai


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